Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Like books? They're good aren't they?

You may be aware that after a certain period of time, copyright lapses on books and they become public domain...making them free books. Fantastic. Project Gutenberg has over thirty thousand of em...you can download them to your phone, kindle, PC, Ipad..whatever device you choose and read them for absolutely nothing. That's frankly a resolution in itself...then you can take the BBC Book Challenge and hold your well read head high.

But that's very passive...and you want to get involved...to do something useful...to volunteer...so how about helping LibriVox record all of the current public domain books as free downloadable audio files. Help other people enjoy these wonderful books in a different format. There are loads of books to choose from, you can record as little as one chapter, or commit to recording a whole book over a fair chunk of time. You don't need a studio, you don't need fancy recording equipment...just the basics...a USB mic would be helpful, but not essential if you have a half decent built in mic.

Here's the FAQ

What book would you read?

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