Monday, 7 May 2012

Kidd's Play

Not content with terrifying Abbot and Costello or inspiring Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor, Kidd has also crossed over into the most modern form of interactive storytelling...console games. Here he is defeating Rasputin on "World Heroes" for NeoGeo. Boof.

He is also one of the baddies in the classic Sid Meier's Pirates...

Even more exciting than this retro beat-em-up is the news that, here in the 21st Century, Assassins Creed III will feature the opportunity to explore a mayan ruin to find Captain Kidd's sword. I'm not fussed about the historical accuracy of a Templar assassin exploring Civil War era America and finding a legendary sword Kidd never possessed in an area he probably never visited...I just know it's cool.

In other Kidd news, hear me blether incoherently about Kidd montha and all sorts of heritage on Monday 7th May on Dunoon Community Radio at 4.30pm. 97.4fm if you're in West Inverclyde and at to hear on line.

You can also now follow the progress of The Dutch Gable House project on facebook.

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