Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Captain Kidd Comics (1)

We have a few Captain Kidd "Thriller Picture Library" comics that we've collected over the years, and this year, we have decided to make one available for people to enjoy again; they can be quite tricky to track down.

In the interest of staying on the right side of whatever licensing may still exist, we are making this issue available for educational and entertainment purposes, Magic Torch generate no commercial revenue from our blog, scribd shelf or youtube channel.

We will of course remove it if requested.

That being said, you can read the full issue here. Or you can enjoy it in installments via the magic of youtube...

But if you like your Captain Kidd comic action more in yer face and up to date, then you must check out "Dead Men Tell No Tales". Captain Kidd finds a cursed templar treasure map, pointing the way to the lost relics of Christ and is pursued by Blackbeard and Black Bart Roberts. "For this ultimate prize, every pirate in the world will wage a bloody war! Each side will face storms, navies, and a legion of zombies in order to lay their hands on the world's greatest plunder!"

If that blurb doesn't interest might be on the wrong blog...

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