Sunday, 2 December 2012

Midwinter Tales...

As regular readers may know, we like to spend the month of December, curating some appropriately spooky tales for the month.

This year we have dead sailors, poisoned mistletoe, an all new comic strip, ghostly goings on from Greenock Writers Club, Slenderman nightmares from Inverclyde Academy and some new recordings of our previous tales in a Tales of the Oak Christmas Special podcast - which also includes some songs. Truly diabolical. As ever, we'll also be sharing stories and films from further afield. To kick us off, an excellent adaptation of one from the master, M.R. James.

"The Wailing Well" was originally written for Eton Boy Scouts group, this adaptation is by the wonderful Loonatik and Drinks and tells the tale of three boy scouts separated from their troop while on a country hike...

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