Saturday, 3 August 2013

Port Glasgow Sculpture Vote

From Clutha Dreaming proposal by Andy Scott

I think I've made my feelings on the pros and cons of public art and sculpture fairly plain. I enjoy public art sculptures so much so that they are one of the main features of my book Tin Jimmy. I'm just not always so keen or convinced by the "engagement" which goes on around them...

HOWEVER....right now, you can vote on 1 of 4 potential new sculptures for the Port Glasgow roundabout. This is just down the road from me, so for once, I have a bit more inclination to be interested in how this one goes.

Once you get by the "waste of time and money" debate that will doubtless surround this particular piece given the timing, all art is subjective - we are all right and all wrong for our own contextual and aesthetic reasons. And so for me, hands down, its Clutha Dreaming on this one. I think we have a tremendous amount of sculpture and material which celebrate our shipbuilding heritage, in Greenock and Port Glasgow town centres, even on the cycle track, so it would be nice if we looked to our myths and legends for once. It's a right outside bet though, it was in last place when I voted, and its a guilty pleasure cos it is just a wee touch "new agey" for round our way. I'll even be honest and say I'm not 100% sure its not just my favourite cos its called Clutha. We are big fans of personified river Clutha and as well as starring in both our folklore books, the sinister Cluthee cult are also part of our new graphic novel due out next month.

So...thumbs up for Clutha....though if ye push me...that big red heid is pretty funny...
Is art meant to be funny? Whole other debate.

Like they say, writing about music is like dancing about architecture...

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