Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Green Oak Tree

Hey. How ye?

Just wanted to take a wee moment to say "thanks very much" to all the new readers who have joined us this month...December is always good fun on the blog. But stick with us! Next year we have smugglers, saints, more arthurian legends Inverclyde style, the strange histories of local buildings and more.

Y'know, with Christmas behind us, and only the long dark January ahead, it would be easy to feel worried about what the next 12 months have in store; in fact, its probably the most logical response to the information in front of us right now. But this is a folklore blog; logic isnt really on the agenda. So first up. here's a message of hope for life and the New Year.

And bringing our year to a close and rounding off our Downriver folksong collection, here is a wee tune to be singing after the bells. (the whole playlist is down below)

The Gringos - The Green Oak Tree by Auld Dunrod

Have a good one whatever yer up to. And remember...

"Despair is a black leather jacket that everyone looks good in. Hope is a frilly pink dress that exposes your knees." - Rebecca Solnit

See you in 2012 for the apocalypse.

The Green Oak Tree

I’ll sing a song about a toon that stands upon the Clyde
And every time I here it’s name my heart is filled with pride
My mother often told me as she soothed me on her knee
That Greenock took its name from the Green Oak Tree

So here’s tae the Green Oak that stood upon the square
And here’s tae its roots that still lie slumbering there
And here’s tae my toonsmen wherever they may be
For I’m proud to say that I’m a branch of the Green Oak Tree

Now Greenock’s no a bonny toon I’ve heard some folks complain
For every time they go doon there there’s nothing to see but rain
But let them say what e’r they may with them I’ll no agree
For Greenock toon and Greenock folks will aye be dear tae me

Downriver by Auld Dunrod

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