Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Merry Galoshans! Tales of the Oak Comic - Now Online!

Just in time for Halloween tomorrow, you can now read a slightly edited digital version of our Tales of the Oak comic, available free online via scribd. Don't say we aren't good to you. Or else. Hopefully we'll get the resources sorted to get a special expanded digital edition out via comixology, ibooks and kindle etc later in the year.

Almost 1000 copies have been distributed and the final free glorious paperback copies will be available next month as part of Book Week Scotland...we may well reprint em one day, but then they will no longer be free! Catch em while ye can.

Also still available is Wee Nasties, our Galoshans Play and a Witch Trial for all the family to enjoy.
Even better, the good folk of Greenock Players popped along to The Dutch Gable House on Saturday, to perform and film a traditional Galoshans play. Check it out.

Ahem. With all that free stuff, it seems like a slightly less awkward than usual moment to draw your attention to our forthcoming ebook A Nip in The Air...exclusively available for Kindle. For a mere 99p, less than a pumpkin or bag full of monkey nuts, you can help contribute towards our next year projects, while also getting a wee fright. Bargain! Don't worry, I'll remind ye again...

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