Sunday, 10 November 2013

Violet Skulls

Magic Torch will be joining all manner of lovely creative folk at the inaugural Violet Skulls Market in The Dutch Gable House on Saturday 30 November, a collection of vintage, home baking, books, art & craft stalls in the beautiful Dutch Gable House. Come along for some music and chat, then browse for some early Christmas treats and keep yer Christmas local this year.

For our part, we will have special offers on all our books - including our exclusive reprint of the Captain Kidd comic and some more of our sinister Christmas Cards, which there are still a few weeks for you to insult or terrify a loved one with.

Hopefully see some of you there...


All profits are reinvested in local heritage projects.

From doomed love to haunted industrial wastelands
via ruined Roman roads and abandoned castles,
there's something for everyone to be feart of.

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