Monday, 27 January 2014

John Galt and The Vikings

by Andy Lee
A sneaky detail from one of this year's exhibition to be based on John Galt's epic "The Battle of Largs : A Gothic Poem"....210 years old this year.

With shrieks that shook the midnight air,
Tossing their fell fangs, lean and bare,
The Three Eternal Sisters spoke;
And fiercely through the witched smoke,
Their drugged caldron muttering glar’d,
And with its red lugubrious light
Enhanced the horror of the night,
While populous grew the gloom, and length’ning
Groans were heard.

This project is a stand alone one for 2014, hasn't been specifically funded or anything, it's just something we really fancied doing. This one's down to Neil and Andy...and with a few pieces already complete, it looks like it will be a belter. The more I look at that still, the more I wish it was from a cartoon...hmm...
Galt is one of Greenock's more famous literary exports, find out about a few more on our Grand Literary Tour...

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