Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gourock Bay

This version of the poem An Evening in Gourock Bay was recorded by Marky Boy of Destiny.

For a classic exploration of Old Gourock, check out Inverclyde Council's free download of David McCrae's "Notes About Gourock". Definitive.

Marky : Boy of Destiny - Gourock Bay by Auld Dunrod

We've been transferring the songs from the Downriver CD onto a page on soundcloud, you can listen to all the tracks so far.

Our Sugar Sheds campaign also has a soundcloud page for local performers to share their versions of Celebration Ode, also worth a wee listen.

(Evening In) Gourock Bay
“Tis gloaming’s hour and Gourock Bay
From purple turned to darker grey
Reflects the stately yachts that ride
Secure upon the rippling tide
The long pier stretching to the west
Folds Clyde’s swift argosies to rest
And higher lines of twinkling light
Like strings of jewels charm the night
Music and love and laughter seem
To throb along each twinkling beam
For every light a story tells
Of homes where peace abiding dwells
Above the craigs the rising moon
Lifts her bright ample shield and soon
The bay returns her silvery sheen
And faery glamour holds the scene
A silver path divides the sea
And Fancy walking there full free
Comes to a place on swiftest feet
Where surely earth and heaven meet
The restful scene fair Luna’s light
The balmy airs the quiet night
So charm my soul I fain would stay
 For ever here by Gourock Bay

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