Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sweet Deal

As you may know, we've been involved in a campaign to Keep Greenock's Sugar Sheds A Community Space. If not...get right over to our campaign blog and check it out.

Long story short...the opportunity now exists for us to pull together a series of events for the Sugar Sheds. But we will require to fundraise to do that. Quite a bit of fundraising in fact.

For years, we've sold our books and dvds as a way of raising funds for our heritage projects, so from this weekend forward, as part of our fundraising, all proceeds from our local bestsellers "Tales of the Oak" and "Downriver" will go towards getting events happening in the sheds.

But where can I get a hold of these books and at the same time support potential future events in Inverclyde?

Why by coming along to the Sugar Sheds Campaign stall at Cathcart Square this weekend, where you will not only find both books for a fiver each, but also balloons. The balloons are free.

Hope to see you down there.

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