Friday, 1 June 2012

Seventy Years of The Gourock Monster

This is not a picture of the Gourock Monster carcass,
but monster experts agree it may have looked slightly similar
June 2012 is the 70th Anniversary of the mysterious Gourock Monster washing up at Cardwell Bay, as detailed in our post "Massive Sea Monster Terrorises Gourock" and our only sort of kidding April Fool "Time For A Serpent Sculpture".

The possibility of the Clyde being home to a sea creature, was a major feature of our original book Tales of the Oak, and sure enough, could tie together centuries of potential river and serpent worship along the banks of the Clyde (though how the serpent got along with the Port Glasgow Mermaid remains a source of some debate).

I still live in hope that Gourock will eventually base some sort of community festival round this event...It could be called "Serpentfest" or "Monster Mania".

Anyhow, we've a few wee related items over the month, but for those of you who have missed it previously, or not found the time in your life to search it out on youtube, here again is the classic clip from Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious World which deals with "The Gourock Monster".

The legend of the Gourock Monster also appears in a childrens book I've written, The Superpower Project...

With the help of a wisecracking, steampunk robot, two accidental superheroes discover that they have inherited some amazing, if unusual, abilities. Computer whiz Megan can fly (mostly sleep-flying, but she's working on it) while her best friend Cam can (in theory) transform into any animal, but mostly ends up as a were-hamster.

Together they must protect the source of their ancestral powers from a wannabe evil mastermind and his gang of industrial transformer robots who've disguised themselves as modern art installations on their Greenock estate.

It isn't easy to balance school and epic super-battles, not to mention finding time to search for other super-talents and train with their Mr Miyagi-esque were-tiger coach.Can Megan and Cam beat the bad guy, defeat his robot transformers and become the superheroes they were born to be?

The Superpower Project is available from Floris Books / Kelpies.

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