Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Artists Assemble!

Bloom : Copyright Mhairi M Robertson
We're really pleased to announce that Gourock based artist Mhairi M Robertson will be working with us on the illustrations for our new childrens book. The book is being produced as part of our new Tales of the Oak project and will be released next year.

Mhairi has studied at Glasgow School of Art and her work has been described as illustrative and imaginative, her most popular topics being people, fantasy and folklore. Because of this, Mhairi has been commissioned to do work of various kinds, from private portraits and fine art(ish) canvases to album sleeve covers, designs for animation and comic books.

Having been raised in Inverclyde, the history of the area has always been of significant interest to her; through school projects about the Greenock Blitz or old folk tales recanted by family members - sometimes as bed time stories, sometimes simply in passing – Mhairi has found that there was always something new and remarkable to learn about her surroundings. It is an interest which has been carried through to adulthood.

She also really likes Batman and would like to illustrate a Batman/Joker comic book, please, before her drawing hand gets too old and stiff and falls off.

You can see more of Mhairi's work on her website.

We'll be sharing our progress and sketches from the book as it all comes together over the next few months. Cannae wait.

And in honour of today being National Comic Book Day (actually for real), we can also announce that Port Glasgow based artist Andy Lee will be starting work on our Tales of the Oak comic. Andy provided some of the artwork for the Identity graphic novel, recently described by Judge Dredd creator John Wagner as "a marvellous piece of work". Here's some of Andy's work on the graphic below, it is available to read online or download for kindle or from ibooks. Again, we'll be sharing some of the character designs and sketches from the new comic project soon...

Image courtesy of Identity project

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