Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dismembered Cats and Other Stories...

We're swotting away reading lots of interesting books and picking out things to visit at this months Storytelling Festival in Glasgow and Edinburgh, so meantime, here's a few wee folk snippets...

Readers may know that Buffalo Bill's Wild West rodeo show visited Greenock on it's tour of Scotland. The show featured genuine "cowboys 'n indians" of the time, including Annie Oakley. The book "Your Fathers The Ghosts" tells the story of the Wild West troupes genuine misadventures in Scotland, and now award winning filmmaker Alan Knight is looking for support to make it into a film. From 5pm today, you can assist this impressive effort via their crowdfunding site.

The first-ever HLF Scotland photography competition has been launched. For your chance to win a place on a weekend wildlife photography course or an annual subscription to a photography magazine, send your best photos of an HLF project.

HLF want photos that show the huge diversity of everything they fund - from bumblebees to steam trains, and people engaging with their local heritage. Whatever the project is, HLF want to see it.

Find out how to apply in the terms and conditions attached – make sure your photos reach HLF by 5pm on 2 November 2012.

There's been a murder!
And finally...Greenock, a town on the verge of being unshockable, was upset and dismayed today by the symbolic murder of the Greenock Morton mascot "Cappie the Cat" in what looks suspiciously like a gangland hit. Parts of the mascot have still to be recovered. Local gossip already suggests a disgruntled former mascot Mortonosaurus may be involved. Meanwhile security has been stepped up around Greenock Waterfront mascot Polo Bear. Sadly, there are many folk precedents for violence involving sports mascots, as this insensitive slideshow proves. And also this video. We genuinely hope that those involved are caught and brought to justice.

Cappie in happier times

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