Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sir Glen Douglas Rhodes - Greenock Folk Hero

A recently discovered portrait of local archivist, adventurer and folklorist Sir Glen Douglas Rhodes, sometime resident of the Dutch Gable House. The picture and some of Sir Glen's archive materials relating to Captain Kidd are currently on display there.

Sir Glen disappeared shortly after his famous investigations into river and serpent worship cults in the area. We will dramatise elements of his archive and his battle with the sinister Cluthee in the Tales of the Oak comic later this year. Sir Glen is also involved in the Tin Jimmy Mystery, made an appearance in Identity The Archivists Treasure and has been a regular fixture of and inspiration for Magic Torch's folklore and heritage publications, since our very first book, 13 years ago.

You can pick up a FREE collectable postcard of this portrait at The Dutch Gable House, 7 1/2 John Wood Street and other community venues across the town.

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