Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Kempock Stane

The Kempock Stane

Let Greenock keep Hielan Mary’s grave,
And the Port her Boglestane hain,
Bonnie wee Gourock can launch at them a’,
She’s got her Kempock Stane!

What sichts hae ye seen, wi’ your auld grey een,
As the centuries pass yer owre,
Sin the Druids ringed ye wi’ Beltane fire,
An splashed ye wi human gore!

But naethin’ tae equal the Christian sequel!
Tae your shaft Mary Lamont they hitch,
The Innerkip priest and the laird o’ Blackha’
And burn the puir lass for a witch.

The Black Douglas look’d frae his Gourock Ha’
His eye ranged his wide demesne;
His name and his castle hae baith passed awa’,
Still stands the Kempock Stane.

Noo, a ye sailors an’ fisher lads,
That ettle tae sail the main,
If luck ye wad hae, gang up the brae,
And deiseal walk round the stane!

An a’ ye lads and lasses braw,
When two hearts beat as ane’
Go get you up and, hand in hand,
Dance round the Kempock Stane!

Let Hielan Mary her welcome extend
Frae the castle Rock at Dunoon;
Let Rothesay hae her Royal Keep
To hide in the heart o’ her toun;

Nae Royal Keep does Gourock need,
As queen owre the Clyde she’ll reign,
As lang as Granny guards the toon,
An we keep oor Kempock Stane.

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