Monday, 7 April 2014

Andros Island, Barbados - Maddy Glassker

Once upon a time was a good old time.
Monkey chew tobacco and spit white lime,
Cockeroach keep time, knock the big drum bum! bum!

Jack went out fishing one day, and he had very bad luck. He went from drop to drop, and could not catch any fish. Last of all he went to a drop where he hook a fine yellow-tail. He pull it up to the boat; and as he went to lift the fish in the boat, it drop off the hook. Jack never stand, he pitch overboard behind it. The yellow-tail went, Jack behind. Jack dive until when he blow, he blow on a strange little island. Jack was there all day till he began to get hungry. Jack stood up, and said, "Ah, well! if I was home, I would have had somewhere to go."
He heard a voice behind him: "Mr. Jack, there's a house behind you,"
As he turn round and look, he saw a fine three- storey house. He went to the house; but now it was late, and the house began to get dark: so Jack said, ''Ah, well! if I was home, I would have had light."
The voice said, ''Mr. Jack, there's a lamp on the table." Jack went and found the lamp and candle and
matches. As he light the lamp, he said, "Ah, well! if I was home, I would have had something to eat." The voice said, "Mr. Jack, your dinner is on the table."
Jack went and found his dinner, and sat down and eat. When he was finish', he said, "Ah, well! if I was home, I would hav^ had a bed to sleep in."
The voice said, "Mr. Jack, there's a bed in the room." And so Jack went to bed.

Next morning Jack said, "Ah, well! if I was home, I would have had breakfast."
The voice said, "Mr. Jack, your breakfast is on the table." So Jack went and get his breakfast.
In the evening Jack said the same thing, and he continue to say the same thing for seven days. This night more than all, his mother come to him in a dream, and told him if he wanted to see who it is that prepare him the house and supporting him, he must set the clock to alarm at twelve o'clock; and when the clock alarm, he must rise up and light a candle, and he will see.

So Jack did so, and twelve o'clock the clock alarmed. Jack jump up and light the candle, an' when he look in the bed, he saw a woman. She was the prettiest woman that eyes ever behold, and she had written across her breast in golden letters, "Maddy Glassker the glory of the world." Jack could not stop looking till a little of the melted candle drop on her. Then she jump up and said to Jack, "Well, Mr. Jack, since you is Mr. Jack and I am Maddy Glassker, the glory of the world, I am gone at the word."
She and the house, with all that was in it, flash out of sight like lightning, making a great noise. And
Jack was left alone on the rock again.
So Jack remember his fine yellow-tail that he brought up to the boat, and the pretty woman that use to sleep in his bed; and while he thought of all tliis, he got so sad that his countenance I could not bear to see; so I turn myself round with a very brisk turn, only my turn was too brisk, for I could
not stop myself until I buck up here to tell you this story; and if you don't believe it, you can ask . . .

Bo be ben,
My story is end.

There are many more collected tales in the full text of Folk tales of Andros Island

Magic Torch are sharing Commonwealth folktales as part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games celebrations. In addition to publishing a book and comic, which retell some commonwealth tales, we are also sharing traditional tales on our blog. We are presenting the stories exactly as collected, without editing or rewriting. Some of the tales have been recorded recently, others, many years ago in traditional forms, more often than not using dialects and local mannerisms - the "voice" of the people telling the tales. We have opted not to change this.

The Herald and Sunday Herald Children of the Commonwealth series will run over the coming months as the Queen's Baton travels the world on its way to Scotland. As well as bringing readers inspiring stories from key locations on the baton route, it is also raising money for UNICEF, an official charity partner of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

There are a number of different ways to donate: you can call 0800 044 5777; or you can click on; or you can text 'CHILD' to 70111 to donate £3. UNICEF is the world's leading children's organisation, working to save and change children's lives.

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