Saturday, 5 April 2014

Vikings! Ossian! Somerled!

We have been really pleased with the positive response to our Viking project (here's another wee sneaky detail from Andy's work above) We'll be showing the exhibition during the Viking Festival in Largs and then throughout September in the Dutch Gable House.

The graphic novel themed project is the first in a series which will explore our Norse and Celtic heritage - one using text from the controversial Ossian poems as the basis of the comic artwork, and the others retelling some legends of Somerled - Thane of Argyll and legendary Welsh King of Strathclyde, Rhydderch Hael, both of whom feature prominently in our original Tales of the Oak book from 2000.

Andy did in fact produce a wee panel featuring the mighty Rhydderch Hael Thane of Argyll for The Archivist's Treasure Graphic Novel. Doesn't that flaming sword Drynwyn look very familiar to the one sugar based superhero Mr Cube now brandishes...

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