Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Traditions In Place Inverclyde

We're really pleased to help support and promote the Traditions In Place conference which is happening in the Beacon Arts Centre on Saturday 25th October...

A day where local groups and practitioners can come together, share knowledge and find out more about resources for music, dance and story, get some practical organisational support, and look at the prospects for building local networks and connect them up the existing national ones. An important strand might be to look at ways in which local resources – song, story, heritage, knowledge – could be used to develop a distinctive offer to visitors to the area (as opposed to a kind of generic, unrooted Scottish offer).

Aims of the day

· to make connections between local practitioners and organisations across the traditional arts

· to share information about local traditional arts resources

· to introduce the idea of a local trad arts network

· to introduce the idea of a local network taking on a project to make a piece of work linking cultural tourism with traditional arts

· to consider how local people might get involved in Museums and Galleries Scotland’s Living Culture database
Why not read more about Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland and the Once Upon A Place storytelling festival.

Hopefully see some of you along on the day.

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