Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Galoshans Play 2016

Vintage clown craze terror
Merry Galoshans everyone.

This year, we've been working to help rekindle the Galoshans Play tradition, as part of our Heritage Lottery Scotland supported Going Galoshans project. We have created a new version of the play for you to read and download for free. A printed chapbook edition will also be delivered to schools and passed out for free during the Galoshans Festival.

The new version contains elements of the play which would have been performed in Greenock hundreds of years ago, as well as some new additions which feature folk characters and motifs specific to Inverclyde. It's a bit of fun really. Just as it was originally intended to be. Maybe you can even have a wee laugh staging your own version.

You will also be able to see and maybe even participate in a few performances of the play during the Galoshans festival, on Saturday 29th October at 12pm and 3pm in The Dutch Gable House.

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