Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What IS a Galoshan?

From the awesome Haunted Air project...
As part of the Galoshans Festival in Inverclyde, we're celebrating the roots of the term "going galoshans" and sharing new versions of the traditional play which used to be performed door to door at Halloween and New Year in Scotland.

Sokonbauno Theatre have been out sharing their puppet theatre version of the Galoshans Play with Aileymill Primary School and helping the school create and perform their own versions of the play.

Sokobauno and Magic Torch are also working with Trust Volunteering to recruit and train a new troop to create, rehearse and perform a new adaptation of the play throughout the Galoshans Festival, and to carry the torch of this reinvigorated tradition into the future.

Call Laura or Amanda on (01475) 553334 if you are interested in being involved. Volunteers must be 16+.

The video below sees our gallant Galoshaneers Stan Reeves and Shane Connolly explain the roots of the play - and share some Mighty Boosh style cardboard masks...

A big thank you to artist and film-maker David Newbigging for filming this short for us, David will be filming the whole Galoshans play process for a short documentary which we'll share later this year.

David is also working on his own film project just now - Benchmark 6. Really worth a look.

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