Saturday, 4 June 2011

Comet : Requiem and Resurrection

On Sunday 5 June, the replica of Port Glasgow's historic steamship The Comet will be returned to the town centre, following a year long restoration ahead of the 2012 bicentennial celebrations. The restoration was undertaken by Inverclyde Community Development Trust, Inverclyde Council and Ferguson Shipbuilders, creating 17 local jobs over the year.

The original Comet was not so fortunate, the vessel was wrecked, inspiring a ballad "Requiem For The Comet" which was recorded as part of our downriver cd project. The song was recorded by Paul McLaughlin. Lyrics below.

Thankfully, the future looks much brighter for the Comet replica. A blog which followed the early stages of the Comet Rebuilt project can be found here, and you can view lots of footage of the refurbishment on The Trust's You Tube Channel.

A team at The Trust have followed the refurbishment of The Comet replica for the last year, and a documentary charting the history of the original Comet and the replica will be premiered this year as part of Doors Open Day 2011.

Requiem For The Comet

So the ocean wrapped in sable night
The moon withdraws that spectral light
The weary lulled themselves to sleep
Leaves silent shade to slumbering deep

So they left the land for tranquil sea
Join our land its cheerful glee
Gigantic forms that lord the bay
Chase those tardy hours away, all away

Friends unite as all goes well
The carefree bound while others
Lights and hearts go where they roam
Thoughts that go to joyful homes

But hark the crash and shock of death
The last known struggle with your parting breath
Groans of agony that rend the sky a restless surge before it dies
The wild despair that brings your helpless will
Farewells still rising up upon the gale

All from souls from where there was joy before 

This worlds no more.... no more.

All is past the fight is over
The nights sack cloth is on the shore
The savage oceans sad repose
Where all the cries of death arose

Now its o'er they hover there
Mermaid weep they sit and share
Rising up their dirge of woe
All those tears that all will flow
Those tears will flow.


  1. Great stuff! That YouTube embed is right truncated, just adjust the embed code to 300ish wide?


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