Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tall Ships Tales

Captain Kidd's Treasure Map by Highlanders Academy
Today, I was lucky enough to get a chance to be at the World Premiere of a new musical...Tall Ships Tales. Over 1000 Primary 5 pupils across Inverclyde have been involved in producing and performing the musical...and it stars Captain Kidd!

Greenock Town Hall was transformed into a ship for the performance, decorated with pirate artwork and paintings, again all provided by Inverclyde schools.

Musician and performer Alan Beck wrote the musical and also played a refreshingly Greenockian Kidd, something we rarely get to see. Musically there was something for everyone from caribbean rhythms through to russian folk tunes. All the schools performed brilliantly.

Next month, as part of the Tall Ships races event, Tall Ships Tales will be performed again in the historic Sugar Sheds. It's a must see. So great to see local heritage being celebrated by local schools in such an involving and upbeat way.

Tall Ships Tales was supported by Inverclyde Council and Youth Music Initiative Scotland. The project has a facebook page and you can head over there for some audio clips and more info and images.

Amazingly however, this is not the first time Kidd's life has inspired a musical. However, it is the only time that musical has been any good. At Tales of the Oak, we believe in promoting all sorts of cultural appreciation, so once you've listened to excerpts from Tall Ships Tales, have a listen to this aria from the great unfinished Captain Kidd opera. No really.

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