Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tales of Unease - Candy Bones

Throughout December, we like to indulge in the grand tradition of Pleasant Terrors, sharing scary stories to pass the dark winter hours. When we did this on the blog last year, it seemed to go over very well, so we're curating a further selection for 2011.

Across the month we'll have lost loves, arctic terror, ritual sacrifice, trench heroics and victorian ghost hunters. We'll also have some classics from the masters, a wee bit of kaidan and some nightmares from the golden age of spooky television (which is the seventies by the way).

Stories are more fun to share, so we would invite anyone who has Christmas Ghost Story or a Tale of Unease to share to submit to us directly at Theres no cash, only glory.

Starting us off gently, here's a new one from me.

There's loads of really good 2 minute ghost stories over on The Woman in Black Youtube page, they are running a competition just now.

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