Monday, 3 June 2013

Keep Corlic Wild

There's a new facebook page, Keep Corlic Wild, raising awareness of the plans for a 70 meter meterological mast which many believe will have a detrimental impact not only on the local landscape, but also local archaeology relating to local Roman sites. The mast will monitor conditions for a proposed wind farm. The page explains some of what has happened in other areas during wind farm construction and also explores the company ultimately behind the proposal.

A planning application has been lodged with Inverclyde Council, you have until this Friday, June 7th, to add your comments to this proposal.

Often, as we've seen before, objections to such plans and schemes are decried as getting in the road of "progress"...more accurately, "profit", still the basis of so much regeneration and sustainability planning, something even Unesco World Heritage Sites like Edinburgh Old City struggle against. Or it could be, that you feel wind farms are a fact of life we all have to accept, in the same way as the railway once was.

Torch are not directly involved with this particular Facebook campaign, but we certainly recognise its concerns.

For more on the archeology and Roman heritage of the area, you can read a survey produced by one of the members of the protest group based around Lurg Moor or read some of our own research.

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