Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wee Nasties - The Greenock Catman

Originally, our new book Wee Nasties featured a verse about local legend the Greenock Catman, but in the end, he didn't quite fit. Of course, we are all big fans of the Catman and wouldn't want to be offending him, so we thought we'd print Mhairi's rough draft sketch and our verse on the blog. 

A much friendlier version of the Catman appears in the childrens book I've written The Superpower Project, which is published by Floris Books in February 2016.

Down the track’s a Catman
Who has rats on toast for tea
He never cleans his teeth
Or has a bath like you and me.
He lives in an old tunnel
That runs below the town
And if you’re down there playing
He’ll come up and pull you down.
He’s never very lonely though,
His friends are all lost cats
So if a kitty’s missing
They get share of Catman’s rats.

Over 500 copies of the book have been distributed so far, we've kept a few copies back for another opening of the exhibition over the summer months. There was a smashing wee piece on the launch on your local tv channel Inverclyde TV.

Remember...you can still enter our Wee Nasties competition...

There’s a poor wee frog lurking in some of the pages of Wee Nasties, he ended up trapped in a jar by Auld Dunrod. Happily, though, he escapes. Maybe you can tell us what happened to Dunrod’s Frog when he escaped.

Did he meet even more nasties? End up as frogs legs on toast? Or maybe there’s a much happier ending....

Why not try telling us what happened in less than 200 words, and you can win a prize.

The top 5 entries will be printed on the Magic Torch blog www.talesoftheoak.co.uk, with the overall winner receieving a framed print of one of the Wee Nasties signed by the artist Mhairi M Robertson.

Your entries can be posted to

Auld Dunrod, Magic Torch, 175 Westburn Centre, Greenock, PA15 1JZ, or emailed to aulddunrod@gmail.com

Competition open to all under 12s and the closing date for entries is 26 June 2013.

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