Monday, 2 December 2013

Midwinter Tales 2013

This December, as we have for the last few years, we celebrate Tales of Unease. You can look forward to various eldritch misadventures, grave tales, dopplegangers, latin terror, Japanese nightmares and an exclusive comic strip from Andy Lee, as well as our longest winter tale EVER, an old school, serialised epic from Mark Jones. We'll also have recommendations for late night watching and listening in the dark.

This year, for the first time, members of Magic Torch will also be reading a selection of Ghost Stories LIVE in The Dutch Gable House on Thursday 19 December from 7-8. The cost is £2, with proceeds going towards our next year projects. Spaces are limited, so if you are interested in tickets, email or pop into The Dutch Gable House. Tickets will not be on sale on the night.

As ever though to kick us off, and without debate, one from the master, read by the other master...

And if yer in the mood for further Lee based is his heavy metal cover of Little Drummer Boy...terrifying...


All profits are reinvested in local heritage projects.

From doomed love to haunted industrial wastelands
via ruined Roman roads and abandoned castles,
there's something to chill every heart.

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